Hi everyone,

Well, where do I start?

First of all, I had NO IDEA that there were SO many Blogs on here!

I’ve been thinking of setting up a Blog for a while, but wasn’t sure whether I’d get the recognition or whether enough people would be interested in a Blog on personal development and mental health. BUT eh, you never know until you try?

Basically, I will post an article every week on one of two things:

  • Mental health issues: My very first article will explain why I think that mental health issues are more common nowadays. Articles following this will discuss methods that may be effective in coping with mental health issues like anxiety or depression, what to do if you’re unsure as to whether you have an issue, what to do if you’re not sure if you should seek help etc.
  • Personal development: My second article will explain why personal development is important, why it is something that you should actively seek to focus on, and the benefits that you will get from focusing on it. Articles following this will share the methods that I have used to develop my character.

Also, as life is a process of challenges and development, please feel free to comment with your view on the issues that I discuss. Remember, every contribution helps and your view may provide an alternate insight that I, or another reader, did not consider. I’m not discussing these topics to show that I am a know-it-all, rather, I’d like to share my views on these matters and share methods that I have used to develop myself, and it would be great to hear (or read!) and understand someone elses insight.

But for now,

Best wishes,



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