Put succinctly, self-confidence is your belief in yourself to do something successfully. It is emphasized by several personal development gurus that confidence is one of the most important things ever. I agree. My reason for agreeing is because, often, you only do things that you believe that you can succeed in. So, if you have low confidence, i.e. you do not believe that you can succeed, then you won’t try certain things. With that said, if you do not try to do some things, you will not achieve all that you are capable and worthy of.

Inevitably, everyone goes through a period in life where they feel like they lack confidence. This does not have to be in all areas. You may be confident in your academic ability, but not confident in approaching women.

Evidently, as confidence important, I will post one of the following three every other day that can be used to help your confidence grow:

  • Activities to carry out that will boost confidence
  • New ways of thinking to develop confidence
  • Books that I have read and why they’re good

Nothing happens quickly

It is important to know that confidence is not built instantly. Of course, you can slightly increase your confidence on a daily basis, but you will not instantly have a really high level. Essentially, confidence is built as a result of thought patterns which build your perception of your own ability. It takes time to train yourself to see your ability, particularly if you are too harsh on yourself, or if you have had a difficult past or are having a difficult present. Remember, as children, we are totally innocent and our minds are not polluted through negative experiences and what some may call “reality.” This explains why young children are often very confident and not afraid of much at all.

Track your progress

It is particularly helpful to keep a diary with your progress in. The best way to do this is to rate your confidence out of 10 every single day (10 being high and 0 being non-existent.)

Why is this helpful? One of the key motivators to do anything is progress. Although I am still along my journey to building unbreakable confidence, there are times when you feel like stopping. This is because it is not always an easy process. However, if you look back and see how much progress you have made, you will find it easier to keep going. This is because you see that it is possible.

Quick disclaimer: You cannot read yourself to self-confidence. You have to act on the principles.

So, now we begin!

  1. Three things per day activity

This one is highly effective. At the end of every day, in your daily diary, write 3 positive features of yours that you have noticed. Until you get to 100 features (roughly just under 5 weeks), do not repeat a feature that you have noted before. This is a time period where you want to learn about yourself. Once you exceed 100 features, you can then repeat previous ones, but still, do not try to repeat them!

How does this work? Well, if you can write 100 unique features of yours that are positive, you will realise that you have many features that make you capable of many things. Also, if you have written 100 unique features, you will not have anywhere as near that many features that are negative. So, you will realise that you are not as “bad” or “incompetent” as you thought you were.

You can write anything positive about yourself. Below is an example:


  • Funny
  • Smile a lot
  • Polite

Of course, this will require some reflection on your part. You will have to sit down and think. It may be best to do it at the end of the day before bed. This way, you can think about your day and pick where you exercised those features throughout your day. It simply makes them easier to be noticed. It will also allow you to go to sleep with a positive mindset!

Anyhow, that’s today’s activity. See you on Sunday!



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