Whether you’re going to give a speech to your managers or whether you are looking to approach someone that you like, preparation is one of the foundations of confidence. It almost seems logical that a failure to adequately prepare will result in a lack of confidence.

With that said, prepare for the area that you want to be confident in. If you want to give a great speech or successfully approach that person that you like, you have to prepare. Watch videos on public speaking and pay attention to the foundations of successful speech. This way, you have less of a chance of “messing up” as you have practiced and incorporated these methods into your speech. There are a plethora of videos on Youtube on how to deliver speeches!

An example of the confidence that preparation rewards is visible in boxers. If Manny Pacquiao does not prepare for a fight, he will be unconfident and also be likely to lose.

Also, bear in mind that preparation also means being able to prepare and recover from the worst. E.g. if you stutter in a speech, have methods of “styling it out” or turning it into something funny.

Finally, remember that nothing happens overnight. There is no key concept that you can read in a book that will allow you to develop confidence.

The next activity that I post will look at the idea of self-love and its relation to self-confidence.

Best of luck,



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