Bearing in mind the content in activity 5, I think that we all know that eye contact is fundamental in showing self-confidence. Eye contact suggests that a person is honest and genuine.

Imagine talking to somebody who is looking everywhere but towards your face or your eyes? You get a strange vibe from the person and most likely feel as if they’re hiding something. Have you ever spoken to somebody and you can tell that, as opposed to looking at your face, they are looking at your shirt or hair? Doesn’t it give the impression that the person is not listening to you and not taking the conversation seriously? Some people even see it as a sign of arrogance.

I must admit, it was challenging to develop strong eye contact with people. But that’s cool. Remember, confidence is a muscle, you must work it to make it grow.

Try the following activity every single day for the next 3 weeks:

  • Ask somebody to sit opposite you for 3 minutes.
  • For the entire duration of those 3 minutes, maintain eye contact with them
  • Don’t speak whilst doing this
  • If it feels “awkward”, push through that barrier
  • Add a minute per week to this activity. So, the timing will be as follows:


Week 1: 3 minutes

Week 2: 4 minutes

Week 3: 5 minutes

Eventually, it will become habitual.

Posting for the rest of the “confidence” segment

I apologise for being unable to post for the past 2 weeks. I have been unwell and also had an emergency and had to travel to another country.

I will continue to post for this segment as usual – every other day. Once it is finished, I will move onto the area of mental health.

I hope that you guys have been able to practice 🙂


Have a lovely Friday,

See you on Sunday!



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