This is by far one of the most useful books that I have used when it comes to confidence. It’s called “Unstoppable Confidence” by a guy called Kent Sayre.

It’s relatively cheap (roughly £10/$12) and it is the most valuable of all investments – an investment in yourself!

If you purchase books from amazon, here is the link:

Why do I recommend this book?

In a nutshell, Sayre’s idea behind confidence is pretty simple and highly effective. He propagates the “act as if” idea. Many parts of the book are based on this. Of course, you may think that just because it is mostly based on the “act as if” notion it does not make it any more worthy of purchasing than any other book. I agree. However, there are a quite few positive features of the book. Amongst them, here are the ones that I found valuable:

  • Sayre highlights the importance of confident body language. More importantly he shows specifically what body language is the body language of confidence.
  • The same is done with words – He highlights the important WORDS that are to be used
  • He speaks of the importance of competence combined WITH confidence
  • He explains the language to be used to fire up self-motivation
  • He explains how to use affirmations the right way in order to maximize their effectiveness

Should I purchase this book?

If you are seriously considering purchasing this book, then I would say to view the preview pages of the book on Amazon or take a flick through it if you’re at a book store!

By all means, it is up to you! I am not paid to promote the book, rather it is a book that I found helpful and believe that it may help some others!


Best wishes,

Good night!



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