Hi guys,

I hope that you have all had a lovely day 🙂

I was reflecting on the past few years of experiences and realized something…

Whilst going through some experience, whether it be college life or our job, we spend so long thinking about how it sucks. However, we do this to only look back and think “mhmmm, it wasn’t actually always so bad.”

With that said, I guess that in order to improve the quality in which we experience things, we should train ourselves to enjoy the moment.This can be achieved by merely being conscious of this idea and learning to see the good in things.

PS. when I say we, I mean not to generalize this idea to apply to every single person, rather I mean that it is often the case – of course, this idea does not apply to EVERY SINGLE person.

Anyway, just some of my thoughts!

Good night 🙂



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