Hi guys,

So, today I was thinking about the personal development that I have undergone over the past few years. Within a minute or so, one thing came to mind in particular. It was regarding the importance of health.

My 82 year old grandad (bless him) has always told me “health is wealth.” Up until around 19, I was like “nah, he must be joking, affluence is wealth.” I only really realised the importance of what he was saying when I was 19. At 19 I became extremely physically unwell. It got to the point where I would leave the house maybe 1-2 times per week and that’s if I was lucky to. My workout regime/clean diet also started to slack and when I hit 20, despite physically looking like I was my age, (although I did gain about 10kg) I felt like I was around 70. To describe the experience in one word – horrific. My cholesterol levels even hit 6.0 and my testosterone levels were that of a 60 year old.

I guess that although I made my greatest endeavours to remain positive, when I was ill, I could not help and look back at the times where I was perfectly healthy and could do anything that I liked without worrying about my symptoms exacerbating. That was when it hit me. HEALTH IS KEY. In fact it MUST be our number 1 priority. Yes, HEALTH and NOT AFFLUENCE. Of course we need money to survive, but if we are chasing affluence to the point where our health is affected, then we are defeating the point of chasing affluence. It’s pretty useless being wealthy when you are bed-bound. MORE IMPORTANTLY, you CANNOT GO OUT AND DEVELOP IF YOU ARE BED-BOUND.

The reason I am posting this is because I actually had to experience severe health issues in order for me to realize this. I guess that when you’re relatively young you have a bulletproof ego and think that you can do everything.

This message is so key and it would be upsetting to think that people are not emphasizing the importance of health to others.

So, it would be most pleasing to see people understand that health is key. Period. I literally cannot emphasize it enough.


I wish you a lovely evening and apparently shops are open until 10.00 ! I hope that you’re not tiring yourself out with too much Christmas shopping :p




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