Personal Development Pursuit

As you may recall from activity 2:

“When it comes to confidence, the terms that you use are crucial.  Your subconscious mind will soak up the words that you use. Additionally, if you use certain words, you change your ways of thinking.”

In my opinion, the same happens with actions.

You may have heard of the phrases “act as if” and “fake it until you make it.” Well, if you haven’t, they basically imply that you should act as something, and eventually you WILL BECOME that “something.” So, why not apply this to confidence?

When you are next walking down the street, ask yourself how you can walk more confidently? Are you standing upright, are you looking forwards? Are you smiling at people? Are your shoulders relaxed and sitting back?

This does not only apply to walking down the street, it applies to everything. When you are talking to people…

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