So, I have only realized the importance of diet recently. Unfortunately, we live in a time where many people are so body conscious (or even unconscious) that they either eat monotonous diets or eat very unhealthily. Both are equally as bad and the ramifications for both physical and mental health are not to be welcomed.

It is surprising at how little fruit and vegetables are incorporated in many peoples’ diets. We must remember that our body is our temple. I always use the car analogy. If we fill our car up with cheap quality fuel, it will not run as efficiently as it possibly can. Additionally, if we do not use enough fuel, the car will eventually stop running. Now apply this analogy to the body. If you eat unhealthy food, then you will not operate optimally and efficiently. The same will happen if you do not eat enough.

Lets not forget that, as I mentioned in my previous Reflection of the day – Health is key… Yes, really, it is. With ill health, not only will the quality of our lives be reduced, but it will slow down our ability to develop!


Take care!



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