Personal Development Pursuit

Hey guys,

As promised, here is a video on self-love that I found important.

It is by Myles Munroe. He does make references to religion, and of course, not every viewer will have a religion or share the religion of Myles Munroe (Christianity). However, in this video, the information is still beneficial and useful for improving your life, even if you take away the religious aspect.

My notes on the video are provided below. *These are fairly rough notes. It is good to use them as a structure.


The most important thing in life is to be single. Singleness is the groundwork of all relationships: social, professional relationships and familial ones.

However, the most important relationship is inter-personal, not intra-personal. You should aim to know yourself, not others. Also, love yourself and not others.

Love your neighbour how you love yourself. The idea behind this is that you can…

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