Hi everyone,

I hope that you are well !

I finally just got home and checked my emails….3 emails from Tai Lopez, 2 confirmation emails from someone pretending to be the Apple store and 7 emails from you guys! (‘Hii where r u?’)

So, put simply, I’ve been working on my discipline.

We all know that the key to developing and actualizing is to GET STUFF DONE!

With that said, as I have taken on more projects I became extremely busy, which I don’t mind. However, if one has a great deal to do, and is not entirely disciplined, tasks will not get completed on time. So, I took time out to work out my “discipline” muscles.

Over the weekend, I will be posting the techniques that I use to strengthen my self-discipline so look out for that! But in this instance, I decided to cut off all internet access!

So that’s it guys! Well… not quite! I have a reflection of the day for today!


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