Hi guys, I am starting a new series called Self-Love Thursdays!

Alongside this, I will also be starting a series called Positive Sundays!  But how does this make things any more positive? we often dread Sundays as the day after Sunday is monday which is the day that we all go back to work! Well,this is so that we programme our minds for the following week, particularly so that we can start Mondays with a positive outlook.

I will also be posting on any topic on Tuesdays. This coming Tuesday I will be talking about persistence.

Thursday..Yes, Today!

Okay, enough of that! I’m sure that you want to know about today!

Essentially, every single Thursday will be dedicated to focusing on loving ourselves more.

So, for today, let’s being with forgiviness. But, wait, what on Earth does forgiveness have to do with Self-Love? A lot.

I’m sure that we all know this one person who is very harsh on themselves? that person may even be you without you even knowing? Well, you will be able to find out after reading this post!

For now, imagine that you have a friend that is very harsh on themselves. Anything and everything that they carry out, they put themsemselves down whilst doing it. It is literally like watching them torture themselves, right? That’s how it looks when YOU are harsh on YOURSELF.

I have seen people rush to forgive OTHER people, but they then go through a lot of anguish when it comes to forgiving themselves. They eventually ignore this idea of self-forgiveness and try to “get on with it.” I do it sometimes too.

Why is this bad? in doing this, we literally make ourselves our OWN enemy! Of course, it is possible to love yourself without forgiving yourself, but it is pretty difficult! In fact, I’d say that it’s almost impossible.

Also, when you refuse to forgive someone else, the reason for why you didn’t forgive them often lingers in the back of your mind. It sometimes, or even often, makes it difficult to even look at that person the same again, both physically and mentally. NOW, imagine what happens when you don’t forgive yourself? The reason for why you did not forgive yourself will comstantly linger in the back of your mind. If you continiously do this, it will programme your subconscious mind to see yourself as someone who did something bad to YOURSELF. Now that it not good!

Ok…Now I want to forgive myself… But I can’t?

Right, I know and have learnt from my own experience that forgiving yourself is SO much easier said than done. We can talk about forgiving ourselves all day but it is difficult to actually emotionally process the forgiveness.

In light of that, I’d like to say two words….written repetition.

You’re probably thinking that I’m a little bit mad now…why does this help?

The answer is simple. Both repetition and writing not only contribute more to long-term memory, but they comtribute more to the subconscious.

So, the most powerful way to influence yourself is to influence the subconscious. Both writing and repetition do this.

Ok then Sherlock… but how do I do this?

There is one simple way to combine writing and repetition in a way that is most heartfelt and wholesome…. writing a letter to yourself!

Yes, this really allows you to express your emotional state with true generosity. Remember when you were young? did you have a pen-pal? writing to a pen pal is often fun as you not only have a cool friend in some other part of the world. However, more importantly, it allows true, sincere and genuine expression.

Yes, I am saying that you should literally write a letter of apology to yourself! Apologise for everything. When I say everything, I LITERALLY mean EVERYTHING. Every single grain in your body that looks like something that you haven’t forgien yourself for, FORGIVE YOURSELF FOR IT.

Best of luck guys!



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