Hey guys!

So, today is Sunday… Well unless you’re in a part of the world that is very far away from me and it is Monday!

So, tomorrow is…MONDAY.

Yup, it is the most dreaded day of the week. It’s almost as dreaded as going back to school after the summer vacation!

Although you are probably dreading it right now, I’d like us to all train our minds together. I’d like us to train ourselves to actually wish that Monday would come sooner. Why’s this?


I think that anyone that is over the age of 20 (or even younger?!) will realize that time is probably one of THE MOST VALUABLE commodities alongside health. Why is this important for us? Well, I don’t think that a single soul on this planet can deny that they have goals. People may have fooled themselves into thinking otherwise in fear of the stress, the ups and downs and even the successes that may be experienced in pursuing their goals.

So, considering that we all have goals, the only way to achieve our goals is to work towards them. It is rare that someone just accidentally achieves all of their goals as a result of a gust of wind blowing a lottery ticket into their face. With that said, in order to work towards our goals, we need not only work effectively, but we also need to use our time appropriately so that we CAN  work towards them.

How can we manage time? One key way is to learn how IMPORTANT it is!

Have a ponder about how important time is… Imagine Thomas Edison sucked his thumb and just ate crisps and watched TV? Wait… did they even have TV’s then? BUT HEY Chances are you wouldn’t be able to see anything! Imagine if the team involved in the Apollo Program procrastinated? We probably would still think that the moon was made of cheese.

Now that we know how important time is, and as the weekend is most peoples’ off day, on Sunday night we should go to bed excited because we are about to work on our biggest project during the following day, YES, MONDAY!

So, lets start Monday positively! This will also allow the rest of the week to run smoothly because I often see people, include myself, with a “three-part” week. It goes as follows:

Monday: Dreadful and miserable all day because it’s MONDAY.

Tuesday – Wednesday: Feeling lost but excited for Thursday and Friday as you then feel great excitement in counting the days/hours left until the weekend.

Friday: Put in half of the effort as the WEEKEND IS HERE BABY where we can forget all about work.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we should be harsh on ourselves and beat ourselves up for taking the weekend off, but please, during the week, GO HARD! One of the best ways to do this is to at least look forward to starting the week!

Now, I want you to do me a favour? Right before you go to bed, look into the mirror, smile and repeat the following:

“I am looking forward to a productive week”

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! When you wake up on Monday morning, SMILE! Of course, smile every single morning, however we need to programme our minds to teach ourselves the value of MONDAYS! SO SMILE MORE ON MONDAYS!


I’m out!








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