I was watching an Elliot Hulse video earlier and I found his input very interesting. His views are contrary to everything that I have ever been told, in fact, it is most likely contrary to everything that many people know. Here is the video…


It is interesting, in a good way, to see an adult essentially say that having emotions does not make you weak, though that is only one message in the video – another thing that I love about Elliot Hulse’s ideas is that they often imply that we must behave authentically and do what is natural. What I found most interesting is how Elliot emphasizes that in order to become a stronger version of yourself, you need to release emotions.

Elliot’s idea reminds me of something that I have thought about recently. Upon reflection, I guess that if we visualize the human body as a tire (NOT LITERALLY!) that is being pumped, if the tire is pumped continuously, it would damage the tire and it will eventually burst. I guess that this is what happens inside the body? I am interested in seeing what people think of this!

So does that mean that if we keep emotions inside our body, we will actually put ourselves at a disadvantage and make ourselves ill? I mean, if we hold in emotions, will we not use loads of energy in supressing these emotions in the first place?

Very interesting….


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