One of the most important things that I’ve learnt is that in order to love yourself you must connect with your inner-self. This will not only allow you to connect with your true self, however it will also give you a large opportunity to discover WHO YOU ARE. This is essential for complete and wholehearted self-love.

This is because it enables you to be totally honest with yourself and being cool with it. Sometimes you know that you did something that was wrong and you can apologise for doing it. That is being honest with yourself. Of course the apology must be meaningful, without which it is just you saying the words with no sentiment behind them.

Of course, at first blush it may seem to appear that we cannot love things that we know that have done wrongs. That is untrue. We can love things that we sometimes dislike. We may DISLIKE what WE DID but not OURSELVES.

There are other benefits to being connected with your inner-self. If you connect with your inner-self, this will mean that it will be very difficult to be in a state of self-denial. Self-denial is not so great. It can definitely mean that you cannot co-operate with people in certain situations. In fact, referring back to this week’s “thought of the day” on Tuesday, self-denial is what can cause emotional suppression.

My point is that we must all make our greatest endeavours to be in touch with our inner-selves and be totally honest, or “real”, with ourselves.


I wish you all a relaxing evening.



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