Why have you started a Blog?

I’ve started a Blog for several reasons. Of course, one of the reasons is that I love developing.

BUT, my main reason is that it allows me express my thoughts on certain topics/issues that I find interesting, and allows me to show the methods that I have used to overcome different challenges. However, that in itself, is not all-in-all the full reason that I am here.  I think that sometimes our ego gets in the way, and we think that we can achieve our goals just off our own backs. That is not entirely true. Life is a journey of learning, especially from others. So, with giving my thoughts on certain topics, I will be likely receive comments from others. Hence, I am here to also listen to (well read!) other people’s views/ approaches to certain matters. You never know how you may help me along my journey to becoming a better me, and how I may help you. That, in itself, is beautiful, and I look forward to it.

Just a quick disclaimer though: These are my views and they may very well be shared by others, however, I don’t believe that they are necessarily correct. The topics that I would like to discuss have many subjective aspects to them.

With that said, take a look out for my posts 🙂

Best wishes,