8. Book: Kent Sayre – Unstoppable Confidence

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This is by far one of the most useful books that I have used when it comes to confidence. It’s called “Unstoppable Confidence” by a guy called Kent Sayre.

It’s relatively cheap (roughly £10/$12) and it is the most valuable of all investments – an investment in yourself!

If you purchase books from amazon, here is the link:


Why do I recommend this book?

In a nutshell, Sayre’s idea behind confidence is pretty simple and highly effective. He propagates the “act as if” idea. Many parts of the book are based on this. Of course, you may think that just because it is mostly based on the “act as if” notion it does not make it any more worthy of purchasing than any other book. I agree. However, there are a quite few positive features of the book. Amongst them, here are the ones that I found valuable:

  • Sayre…

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7. Imagination and confidence!

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When focusing on a goal, we often imagine ourselves succeeding in achieving that goal. We usually think that this motivates us. The good news is that it does! However, as it is as no obvious, we often miss the idea that it can also give us confidence. It shows that it is possible. It is even more helpful to imagine someone who has have achieved it (!), has achieved something similar, or have achieved massive success in something else!

This does not only apply when pursuing a career goal. It can apply to pretty much everything. I’m sure that we all know that one weight lifting dude who sits down for literally 5 minutes before his set just imagining him finishing his reps to hit his new PR! People are often under the misconception that confidence is the ability to talk to others. This is only one small, nonetheless important…

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6. Act, act and act some more: Eye contact

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Bearing in mind the content in activity 5, I think that we all know that eye contact is fundamental in showing self-confidence. Eye contact suggests that a person is honest and genuine.

Imagine talking to somebody who is looking everywhere but towards your face or your eyes? You get a strange vibe from the person and most likely feel as if they’re hiding something. Have you ever spoken to somebody and you can tell that, as opposed to looking at your face, they are looking at your shirt or hair? Doesn’t it give the impression that the person is not listening to you and not taking the conversation seriously? Some people even see it as a sign of arrogance.

I must admit, it was challenging to develop strong eye contact with people. But that’s cool. Remember, confidence is a muscle, you must work it to make it grow.

Try the…

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5. Act, act and act some more!

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As you may recall from activity 2:

“When it comes to confidence, the terms that you use are crucial.  Your subconscious mind will soak up the words that you use. Additionally, if you use certain words, you change your ways of thinking.”

In my opinion, the same happens with actions.

You may have heard of the phrases “act as if” and “fake it until you make it.” Well, if you haven’t, they basically imply that you should act as something, and eventually you WILL BECOME that “something.” So, why not apply this to confidence?

When you are next walking down the street, ask yourself how you can walk more confidently? Are you standing upright, are you looking forwards? Are you smiling at people? Are your shoulders relaxed and sitting back?

This does not only apply to walking down the street, it applies to everything. When you are talking to people…

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Hey guys,

As promised, here is a video on self-love that I found important.

It is by Myles Munroe. He does make references to religion, and of course, not every viewer will have a religion or share the religion of Myles Munroe (Christianity). However, in this video, the information is still beneficial and useful for improving your life, even if you take away the religious aspect.

My notes on the video are provided below. *These are fairly rough notes. It is good to use them as a structure.


The most important thing in life is to be single. Singleness is the groundwork of all relationships: social, professional relationships and familial ones.

However, the most important relationship is inter-personal, not intra-personal. You should aim to know yourself, not others. Also, love yourself and not others.

Love your neighbour how you love yourself. The idea behind this is that you can…

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4. How you speak to yourself about yourself

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This one is important. Many of us have developed a habit of down talking OURSELVES. This is not necessarily to others, but TO OURSELVES. The impact of this can be catastrophic.

Imagine you have a friend that constantly down talks himself. What happens? Eventually, you do not want to spend much time with that friend as they become quite toxic, you generally start thinking negatively and you run a risk of falling into the trap of pitying that friend.

Now, imagine that you were constantly down talking people. People would not want to spend much time with you as you most likely come across as quite toxic, you generally start thinking negatively and people run a risk of falling into the trap of pitying you.

Pretty bad huh?

Now, imagine that you were constantly down talking yourself to other people. Again, people would not want to spend much time with…

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3. Preparation, preparation and more preparation

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Whether you’re going to give a speech to your managers or whether you are looking to approach someone that you like, preparation is one of the foundations of confidence. It almost seems logical that a failure to adequately prepare will result in a lack of confidence.

With that said, prepare for the area that you want to be confident in. If you want to give a great speech or successfully approach that person that you like, you have to prepare. Watch videos on public speaking and pay attention to the foundations of successful speech. This way, you have less of a chance of “messing up” as you have practiced and incorporated these methods into your speech. There are a plethora of videos on Youtube on how to deliver speeches!

An example of the confidence that preparation rewards is visible in boxers. If Manny Pacquiao does not prepare for a fight…

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2. The terms that you use and confidence

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Hi guys. This is another idea to think about and to incorporate into your daily activities.

When it comes to confidence, the terms that you use are crucial.  Your subconscious mind will soak up the words that you use. Additionally, if you use certain words, you change your ways of thinking.

Avoid using terms such as: I cannot, I wish and I hope so etc.

Replace these terms, and similar terms, with more positive (confident) terms such as: I will, definitely and of course.

Best of luck,


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Some ways to increase self-confidence

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Put succinctly, self-confidence is your belief in yourself to do something successfully. It is emphasized by several personal development gurus that confidence is one of the most important things ever. I agree. My reason for agreeing is because, often, you only do things that you believe that you can succeed in. So, if you have low confidence, i.e. you do not believe that you can succeed, then you won’t try certain things. With that said, if you do not try to do some things, you will not achieve all that you are capable and worthy of.

Inevitably, everyone goes through a period in life where they feel like they lack confidence. This does not have to be in all areas. You may be confident in your academic ability, but not confident in approaching women.

Evidently, as confidence important, I will post one of the following three every other day that…

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