When focusing on a goal, we often imagine ourselves succeeding in achieving that goal. We usually think that this motivates us. The good news is that it does! However, as it is as no obvious, we often miss the idea that it can also give us confidence. It shows that it is possible. It is even more helpful to imagine someone who has have achieved it (!), has achieved something similar, or have achieved massive success in something else!

This does not only apply when pursuing a career goal. It can apply to pretty much everything. I’m sure that we all know that one weight lifting dude who sits down for literally 5 minutes before his set just imagining him finishing his reps to hit his new PR! People are often under the misconception that confidence is the ability to talk to others. This is only one small, nonetheless important, area where confidence can be gained. However, we forget that confidence applies to almost every single activity that we carry out. That’s why I created this segment – a lack of confidence can literally ruin your ability to chase after things, or even do the things, that you want or need to do.

So, all I ask is this: next time you have something to do, let’s say you’re playing badminton, prior to the game, just imagine yourself winning.

But how can just imagining cause me to succeed?

I guess that the next question be: “but just imagining and feeling confident is useless if you fail and fall smack bang on your face?”

To a large extent, I would answer this in the affirmative. However, feeling confident in itself is great, BUT confidence by itself is pretty useless if you’re not competent or trying to become more competent.

However, that’s the beauty of imagination. Alongside confidence, imagining success also gives you motivation AND if you are motivated, you will take the necessary steps to achieve whatever you wish to achieve. Of course, you must act. It would be pretty pointless if you imagined yourself beating your opponent at badminton and then making little effort when playing or insufficiently training prior to the game!

As Kent Sayre said “there are numerous examples of confidence without competence and why it’s dangerous.“


Hope this helps!



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